RocketPlay Login – Sign In to Your Account Casino Australia

In order to log in to the Rocket Play Casino australia, the player must enter a login and password on our website. They can then use their account to play. However, full login is only possible after the Rocket Play Casino Sign In and Account Verification have been completed. To pass Account Verification, you must confirm that the player who created the account on our website has entered the correct details and you can link the account to their accounts. Verification can be completed within 2 weeks. This is done using:


  • Verification of the email address;
  • Verification of identity (that the name, age and other details provided are correct) by providing a copy of a driver’s licence, passport or other document that identifies the account holder;
  • Verification of the telephone number;
  • Verification of address by providing a utility bill no later than 3 months from the date of account opening;


Verification is a very important step. It helps our staff to prevent possible fraudulent activity (when an account is opened in someone else’s name but they did not intend to open it). It is also a way of ensuring that it is an adult Australian who has registered at our Rocketplay casino online and not a 17 year old teenager. In addition, verification helps to speed up the withdrawal process (transaction verification is many times faster). After verification, check your personal account, there may be a Rocketplay Casino’s bonus offers waiting for you there.

Although verification may seem like a long and tedious process, it is not. The user simply needs to provide the required information and wait for the verification to be completed. This usually takes up to 10 minutes, but you will have to wait for verification on our part.


Once the verification process is complete and the user has login Rocket Play Slots, they will be able to make their first deposit and receive their welcome bonus. After that, the full functionality of our rocketplay online casino will be available to them. In the future, all they have to do is enter their login and password on our website. By logging into our online casino and confirming your account, you can get all the perks and bonuses of our live casino, including a deposit bonus and 100 free spins. As well as play without limits and minimum deposit in gaming roulette, slot machine, live casino games and games with live dealers.

FAQ Rocket play casino

How to deposit to Rocketplay casino?

RocketPlay Casino Australia accepts many payment methods and you can deposit via debit card, e-wallet or cryptocurrency. Players can also create multiple wallets in their profile and use different currencies to play casino games for real money.

How to withdraw money from the Rocket play casino?

RocketPlay Australia allows its players to choose from several withdrawal options, and you can use debit cards, e-wallets or cryptocurrency to get cash. The minimum withdrawal amount is 25 AUD.